Setting up AI, neural Networks and a Trading System via Matlab and Simulink

Discussion in 'Matlab' started by emetalshop, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. emetalshop

    emetalshop Guest

    If anyone is interested in using high end software such as Matlab and/or Simulink to develop a trading system that uses a simulated neural network and/or AI in addition to intelligent trading systems, please go to this link to get a CD-ROM that contains some starter materials.
  2. darelooney

    darelooney New Member

    i already had matlab with the latest neural network toolbox...but i was wondering how would i be able to use it to create a neural network called Fuzzy Associative Cortical Map (FASCOM) which uses semi supervised learning. Any guide please? I'd tried using nntool but i don't think it can help to create FASCOM
  3. zouze

    zouze New Member

    you should research on the internet you will surely find what you need
  4. autotrade

    autotrade New Member

    Hi everyone
    to darelooney unfortunately it's not possible to use neural network toolbox or nntool to develop customised models like FASCOM. I just finished a similar project where I had to define fuzzification and defuzzification functions, neural network training and classification/evaluation function.

    to zouze indeed
  5. By Penny Stocks

    By Penny Stocks New Member

    I'm new here and have some questions. CD is free or trial? Does Matlab help developing trading system only?

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