Do you think artificial intelligence will transform investment management?

Discussion in 'General Artificial Intelligence Discussions' started by FionaMorris2015, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. FionaMorris2015

    FionaMorris2015 New Member

    I think yes. Sooner or later it will. Automated investment management platforms will win its market share. Of course, traditional banks and Independent flesh-and-blood financial advisors are here to stay, because many people still require that "hand-holding experience". But the new tech-savvy generation will appreciate all the benefits robo-advisors have to offer. The first is convenience. The second is lower cost. The third is transparency. Have you ever invested with a robo-advisor? If not, I encourage you to try Zen Assets. It's an automated advisor based in the UK. They invest only in ETFs and offer personalised portfolios.
  2. rudolfmashburn

    rudolfmashburn New Member

    I agree with you. Artificial intelligent will win the hearts of new generation. They are more tech-savvy and they would surely like the transparency offered by robo-advisor.

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