Battle of Bots

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    Battle of Bots is HackerEarth's flagship Artificial Intelligence Challenge. It's one of a kind challenge that will run for 7 days. There is only one problem statement in the challenge - the game for which you have to write a bot.

    You will be given a two-player game and you have to write a bot that will play that game against other bots. Your bot has to adhere to the rules of the game given in the problem statement, and play against the other bot.

    While the challenge is live, you will have one system generated bot against which you can test your bot. The default bot will be a very basic bot, if you win against that bot it doesn't mean you will win against other players also.

    Also you can challenge other people who have submitted their bots to play against you. Once the challenge is over, all the bots that have been submitted will be played against other bots in a tournament. The bot that wins the tournament will be declared the winner.

    There are great prizes to be won -

    1st Prize- $100 Amazon gift card
    First Runner Up- $80 Amazon gift card
    Second Runner Up- $60 Amazon gift card

    Top 5 winners will receive HackerEarth T-shirt

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