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Why are managed funds so popular? Fri, 29 May 2015 07:21:29 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/why-are-managed-funds-so-popular.6198/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/why-are-managed-funds-so-popular.6198/ Zack45 Zack45 1. It's easy to diversify your investments - you have access to different asset classes, companies, industries, sectors and countries.
2. Experts manage your money - the qualified investment professionals managing your money have access to information, research and robust investment processes not easily available to individuals.
3. It's easy to reinvest your investment...

Why are managed funds so popular?]]>
Why Do We Need CAPTCHAs? Thu, 28 May 2015 07:07:58 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/why-do-we-need-captchas.3144/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/why-do-we-need-captchas.3144/ timothy_us8 timothy_us8 captcha for registration to our website?]]> 4 Daytrade without a brokerage?.. Tue, 26 May 2015 07:05:45 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/daytrade-without-a-brokerage.1755/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/daytrade-without-a-brokerage.1755/ brimco brimco
I'm new here (first post!), and i'm also still new to stock markets and have come across something which I can't find any clear information on.

Everything I read seems to indicate that in order to daytrade you need to be subscribed to a brokerage, such as interactivebrokers.

But the only reason why you need a brokerage that I can find i this: "Day traders could trade their markets directly via the various exchanges, but this would require a trading account with each exchange, so it...

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Stop Loss is very imporatnt in commodity Market Sat, 07 Feb 2015 13:14:19 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/stop-loss-is-very-imporatnt-in-commodity-market.2780/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/stop-loss-is-very-imporatnt-in-commodity-market.2780/ profit profit
Stop loss orders are used only to exit trades and not for entry. These orders limit the loss amount, if any adverse price movements. For ex: If you hold a long position in anticipation of rise in prices, you can protect your money with case of fall in prices.

Based on the order types, orders can be classified as stop market and stop...

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Student Loans for Uni Mon, 01 Sep 2014 14:17:03 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/student-loans-for-uni.7058/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/student-loans-for-uni.7058/ mary quinn mary quinn
Most accurate Buy/sell signal Thu, 21 Aug 2014 11:47:36 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/most-accurate-buy-sell-signal.7049/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/most-accurate-buy-sell-signal.7049/ jaydip chatterjee jaydip chatterjee I have been trading for NSE ans MCX for the last 2 Years. In the beginning I made
a lots of losses, but once I saw the demo of Takit Software. It gave me accurate
Buy/Sell Signals, Stop Loss, Target. It is the best Stock market Buy/Sell Signal
ever developed. Believe me it gives 92% accuracy. I recommend you to try it once
you dont want want to take risk.

Joydip Chatterjee]]>
Opening Bell: Cues that will decide Nifty's course today... Wed, 27 Nov 2013 04:09:46 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/opening-bell-cues-that-will-decide-niftys-course-today.6913/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/opening-bell-cues-that-will-decide-niftys-course-today.6913/ PraniShah PraniShah
Back home, the market lost nearly half of its previous day’s gains as traders preferred profit booking in those stocks that rallied in earlier session. The 30-share BSE Sensex was down 180.06 points to close at 20,425.02 and the 50-share NSE Nifty declined 56.25...

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Fancy Moderating? Tue, 08 Jan 2013 11:22:36 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/fancy-moderating.5093/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/fancy-moderating.5093/ mike mike
I don't have that much time to moderate the forum these days and every now and then I go through and harshly delete entire threads / user accounts for "spamish" activity (Sorry if this has happened to you, but if you had read the rules, you would have realised this forum is not... for you)

Most of the bots have been...

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Private investor - Real deal or a Scam? Fri, 12 Oct 2012 02:35:33 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/private-investor-real-deal-or-a-scam.778/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/private-investor-real-deal-or-a-scam.778/ JohnMelin JohnMelin
He said that he was a private investor and diplomat. I had an ad on this site regarding a loan that's why he contacted me. He said that if I want to loan money I must have a security that is 10% cash of what the loan is worth. I should take this money to Amsterdam and show him. Then we go to the bank, something called "notaria" in dutch, and a layer and we would fix the loan.


Private investor - Real deal or a Scam?]]>
Are there any binary options web sites that offer a free demo account? Thu, 31 May 2012 09:31:51 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/are-there-any-binary-options-web-sites-that-offer-a-free-demo-account.5339/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/are-there-any-binary-options-web-sites-that-offer-a-free-demo-account.5339/ marylop marylop 1 Associate with karvy Stock Broking as Sub Broker Thu, 13 Oct 2011 05:54:34 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/associate-with-karvy-stock-broking-as-sub-broker.4364/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/associate-with-karvy-stock-broking-as-sub-broker.4364/ vinod1997 vinod1997
As Karvy Partner you will Karvy get comprehensive financial services and solutions to...

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london property auctions Wed, 14 Sep 2011 06:46:02 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/london-property-auctions.4252/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/london-property-auctions.4252/ liveproperty liveproperty
Live Property Auctions combines the traditional services of an estate agent with the global reach potential of the web also making travelling to an auction house a thing of the past. In partnership with a local estate agent we provide floor plans, virtual tours, downloadable brochures and legal packs of all properties. As a buyer you’ll have all the information you need to bid in confidence. As a...

london property auctions]]>
trading automatico Sun, 21 Aug 2011 10:45:17 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/trading-automatico.3978/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/trading-automatico.3978/ Barrthony Barrthony
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Forex robots Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:32:48 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/forex-robots.3507/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/forex-robots.3507/ Dylantimoshik Dylantimoshik Why do people invest in Public Companies that are in the Mobile Sector? DNPI.OB Mon, 11 Jul 2011 12:23:49 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/why-do-people-invest-in-public-companies-that-are-in-the-mobile-sector-dnpi-ob.1278/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/why-do-people-invest-in-public-companies-that-are-in-the-mobile-sector-dnpi-ob.1278/ matrixmicrocaps matrixmicrocaps
The Wireless sector has been praised by Forrester’s Research in recent reports that suggest now is the time for mobile applications as the economic downturn increases the demand to control costs, place the right resources where they need to be and are needed, and secure an return on investment (ROI) as fast as possible. If firms are justifying their investment to cut costs, and the...

Why do people invest in Public Companies that are in the Mobile Sector? DNPI.OB]]>
Free forex indicators Sun, 10 Jul 2011 00:56:43 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/free-forex-indicators.3490/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/free-forex-indicators.3490/ Martycr78 Martycr78 Films/TV Series about Professional Speculators Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:01:25 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/films-tv-series-about-professional-speculators.1233/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/films-tv-series-about-professional-speculators.1233/ frcrilly frcrilly
I’m putting together a list of fictional film and TV Series that revolve around the theme of the professional speculator (operating within a speculative bubble, zero sum game environment). So far, I have come up with the following. If anyone can think of any others, feel free to share (no matter how old the film/tv series is).

Thanks In Advance for All Responses

Double Dynamite (Film 1951)
Film in which Frank Sinatra helps a professional gambler and ends up being brought...

Films/TV Series about Professional Speculators]]>
How do i go about investing given my current situation... Thu, 10 Feb 2011 15:26:02 +0000 http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/how-do-i-go-about-investing-given-my-current-situation.2306/ http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/threads/how-do-i-go-about-investing-given-my-current-situation.2306/ synthanity synthanity
How do i go about investing given my current situation...]]>